Editoral Statement

After the results of the recent presidential election were announced, people all across the world reacted. Coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and communities, these responses gave us a direct view into the myriad of perspectives that are present in our society today. The responses of students at the University of Michigan were no different.

From gun rights and climate change to fears over increased rates of hate crime, these commentaries cover a wide range of topics in many different media. Some even cover issues that may not have been under the spotlight when faced with the results of this election, such as Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the possibility of harmonious coexistence between conservative dialogues and PC culture.

Through this editorial page, we hope to present a diverse selection of our students’ responses, representing the many different voices that make up our university. Whether through satire or direct confrontation of the liberally-biased community of U of M, our main pieces directly address reactions to the results of the election, and our hopes for how certain issues emerging now in the political climate will come to be addressed.